WHBPC 11 Call for bids

The World Hardcourt Bike Polo Organising Committee is seeking Expressions of Interest to host the 11th edition of the World Hardcourt Bike Polo Championship.

At this stage, Expressions of Interest will only be accepted from Asia, Australasia and North America*. Expressions of Interest can be submitted by a specific club in a region, or by a regional contact on behalf of a region, with the exact location to be determined later. Only clubs or regions who express interest in hosting will be invited to prepare final bids.

Interested host clubs or regions are asked to complete the following form by 15 February 2024 - https://forms.gle/8UdmQ33NsokajJyV6

The community will be informed of the clubs or regions that have expressed interest in hosting, including the indicative dates proposed. Where there are multiple bidders, bidders will be given a chance to further refine their bids prior to a public vote in line with the process for the 9th Worlds (see here, here and here for the 9th Worlds, and here for the 10th Worlds where no vote was required)

*The World Bike Polo Organising Committee has agreed to share hosting duties for Worlds with all regions. To make hosting eligibility as fair as possible, the Committee has agreed that the last two host regions are excluded from expressing interest until after the three other regions have a chance to express interest. This eligibility criteria has been used since 2017 to help spread out the hosting opportunity more fairly across regions.

If anyone has any questions please contact your local rep from the Organising Committee.