Which app for iPhone 5?

i am confused about which Discourse app i have to download to use this baby on my iPhone 5s, iOS 12… can anyone help me out?

Personally, I just use poloverse in the mobile browser. You can still set up notifications in that way (here https://poloverse.net/my/preferences/notifications and then some settings in your phone I can’t explain for apple products :slight_smile: )

(also, moved this topic to the global site-feedback category)

DiscourseHub worked for me, but it’s basically a little browser that opens the forum hahaha

i use Chrome exclusively for the forum now, so I actually have an equivalent solution haha :joy:

do you guys have issues with images upload ?

im trying to use poloverse from my iphone

i googlwd my issue but thats beyond my mental abilities

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OK, i’ve tried to disable the “Enables client-side media optimization of uploaded image files” option.
@OGxBENJI on safari mobile (iPhone) just refresh the page and try again.