Who is the EHBA?

How is the current formation of the EHBA? Who are the contact persons?

EDIT: I found this list: The EHBA committee - EHBA - European Hardcourt Bike Polo Association Is it up to date?

I can’t say for sure… During the Facebook middle-age I missed a huge amount of information :confused:

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All hail @django

I’m still active in the rules/reffing department

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That’s an understatement!

I am coordinating anything regarding organization of European championships, based on legacy and habits from the past (and common sense). I find a host, help them plan things, make game plans, contact regional reps (my little sparrowes), and publish news and am behind the page on facebook. In the end hosts take most of the responsibility about the event organization, I mostly do the game scheduling once the event takes place and everything that leads up to it.

I am also part of the global committee, which is a group of trusted volunteers (or for some regions even elected officials) who do the same thing just considering the world championship.

Aside from that I collaborate with Alejandro to manage and evolve the game rules. I am also very active in explaining rule interpretation and try to remove misconceptions.

Its quite the bare mininimum of what has to be done on a European competitive level.

There are some people who I often reach out to, the regional reps (actually trusted volunteers from each country/region) who I consider part of “EHBA”. There are the creators and admins of poloverse, who I consider also part of " EHBA".

That’s more or less it. I can elaborate if there are questions.


in this ehba page : it hurts my brain everytime i see my name next to my birthplace ( not my club ) and its also spelled wrong…

yo ! would love to represent Guadeloupe bike polo but its not a club so please add GENEVA next to my name cuz thats where i was playing at this time. i cant take that mispelling anymore ;(

idk who is in charge of the website currently @django - ?

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I would like to involve myself into EHBA next year, how does it work ?
From what I saw on the past there’s no more elections, should I just e-mail alejandro and Django ?

I’m sure we are many in this position <3 l’et’s go put some fresh energy to help OGs !! <3<3<3

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yes just get in touch with them.

actually right now is a good time to decide a deadline for bids for the next euros, and start comunicating about it to see if some clubs are open to it.

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Yeah let’s talk and let’s also see who are the others like you!

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It would be cool to have a big open online meeting, so everybody interested can come and see what happens…

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