Winter Liga

:snowflake: BPB WINTER LIGA 21/22 :snowflake:

  • Jeden Mannschaft spielt gegen alle in einem ‘Round Robin League’ mit ‘Fixtures’ (2x 14min Spiele).
  • Mannschaften erhalten jede Monat zwei ‘Fixtures’ zu spielen.
  • Mannshcaften mussen termin für ihr ‘Fixture’ zusammen organisieren.
  • Nicht mehr dann zwei ‘Fixture’ sind am einem ‘pickup’ nacht darfen.
  • Jeden ‘Fixture’ musst einen Schiedsrichter haben, und jede Mannschaft musst einen Drink für ihnen Kaufen.
  • Anmeldung bis um 12te November hier.


  1. Old Boys: Emmet, Michu, Beni
  2. TBD: Dominik, Claudio, TBC
  3. Melon and Lime: Clara, Rita, Janosh
  4. TBD: Chrigu, Ladina, Pete

PoloNord, Dominik, Claudio, Joël

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Sure Shot: Fäbu/Reto/Gabor

So haben wir sechs Mannschaften, davor könnten uns jetzt dem Liga anfängen!

  1. Old Boys: Emmet, Michu, Beni
  2. PoloNord: Dominik, Claudio, Joel
  3. Melon and Lime: Clara, Rita, Janosh
  4. Superkonzentrator: Chrigu, Ladina, Pete
  5. Sure Shot: Fabü, Reto, Gabor
  6. Call Me Tardy: Leo, Romain, Dani Mati

Hier sind Fixtures von 14te November bis 14te December:

Old Boys vs Polo Nord
Melon and Lime vs Superkonzentrator
Sure Shot vs Call Me Tardy
Old Boys vs Superkonzentrator
Melon and Lime vs Sure Shot
Polo Nord vs Call Me Tardy

Games do not have to be played in the order listed, they can be arranged privately for whenever is most suitable for the two teams, however, a maximum of two fixtures can happen on a pickup night. It will be first come first served so post up here when you agree upon a termin.

Doodle polls are your friend: Make a poll - schedule meetings or gather opinions | Doodle

Hallo Zäme!
I have a organized a small website to organize the liga, in order to help organize the games, keep track of the matches, and see the standings., password: 3018

To register a fixture, click on the “Register a Fixture” to announce when you will play your fixture. A fixture is composed of two games, so please register both games (comply the form twice) and switch between the order of the teams.

The calendar button open up a calendar view of the matches, so you can see if the date is still available to play or not.

For logging the games we will this Tuesday on the court, when the first matches will be played!

Superkonzentrator vs Old Boys

And also on Tuesday 7.12
PoloNord vs. Old Boys


superkonzentrator vs melon and lime

25.1. Melon and Lime gegen Sure shot (Hoffentlich)


Old Boys vs Melon and Lime
Sure Shot vs Superkonzentrator
Call Me Tardy vs Melon and Lime
Sure Shot vs Polo Nord
Polo Nord vs Superkonzentrator
Old Boys vs Call me Tardy

Announce fixtures in advance, maximum of two fixtures on a league night.

Round open until 15.2.22