WNBTIA* // FLINTA* space

Is it okay for you if I create a private sub-category women/non-binary/trans/inter/agender/* players in the comittee corner?
I am not sure if it needs a whole category and that one is closed ?

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of course. go ahead

I actually actively encourage this! Make sure the user group is public, so it can be found. I’ll also try to remember to mention it in the site banner. Please remind me if I forget!

On a related note, I would also like to have a more diverse admin and mod team, just not sure whom to ask. Any propositions?

My question was more about the placement :slight_smile: but thanks :nerd_face:

Edit//Update: it is now a sub-cat of discussions because groups needs the right to see the whole category. This solution was less complicate

This is a matter of resources so it’s Hard to say as the recourses are gendered itself :wink:

If you have engaged ppl in your club, just ask them.

in zürich theres a bunch of women and men but (almost) no one who would invest more than 10 mins or use their laptops/ phones