Wördern Equinox 23-24 September 2023


HI everyone,

We know this is coming as a rather last minute summer tournament deal. Nevertheless we want to invite you for a great weekend of polo in our lovely court and grounds in Wördern, Vienna.

Bike Polo Vienna would be happy to see you at our mandatory mixed 3x3 tournament from the 23rd till 24th of September 2023.

We have a beautiful court with a great smooth surface, and a fantastic camping area, plus its all close the danube. For those brave enough a swim is on offer. The court has lights until 22:00, so we can continue with pickups till after sunset.

23rd september is also the Autumn equinox, An equinox occurs when the position of the Sun is exactly over the Equator. When this happens, the hours of daylight and the hours of darkness are about equal almost everywhere on Earth. With this scientific inspiration, we have named this tournament Wördern Equinox (you see we are smart people over here)

Registration will be first come first served basis with a maximum of 16 teams. 5 spots are reserved for the very big BPV club (minimum of two BPV club members on the team)

What: Wördern Equinox

When: 23rd till 24th September 2023 (camping and hang out the night before either in the local city court or in Wördern)

Where: Red Dragons Lair, Feldgasse 2, 3422 St. Andrä-Wördern

Number of teams: 16 max.

Teams format: 3 vs 3, mandatory Mixed teams

Tournament format: TBA

Registration slots: 5 BPV +11 first come first served . One TBA allowed per team in registration phase

20:00pm 31st August

Registration closing: The registration will come to a natural end when all slots have been filled

Registration fee: 75 per team

We are aiming to provide all three meals, camping area with showers is on site. Get in touch if you need a place to stay in the city the nights before or after the tournament (You can say iif you need somewhere in the city to stay on the google form registration)
See you soon


BPV spots

1.MA1312- Mischa-Vienna Emilio-Vienna Georg-Vienna
2.Andromeda- Tina G- Vienna Paul M-Vienna Felix M-Vienna
3.Tat’s weh- Stefan-Wien Max-Wien Asia-Wien
4.Drop it like it’s hot- Raphi-Vienna Schlotti-Wien Top-Milano
5. Auftreten- Frieda-Berlin Annick-Vienna Shaki-Vienna


6.Velociraptors- Omayra-Vienna Maryse-Berlin Andi-Linz
7. Lidlize it- Ana-Vienna Pyetro-Milano big city Jonas- Graz the Village
8. hoferize ´em- Chris-Graz Max-Graz Flixi-Graz
9. Caramba- Nele-Leipzig Frax-Prague Jovina-Vienna
10. Leabuam- Lea- Graz Pauberin-Graz Zappa-Graz
11. Sekaná- Jonáš, Turnov/Prague Anežka, Turnov/Prague Tomáš, Prague
12. Golem-Jirka Pardubice Kyncl Pardubice Alča Prague
13. EliskaMateenLevin- Eliska- Prague Mateen-Vienna Levin-Halle
14. Northern Lights- Alison- Berlin Madej-Krakow Eva-Dresden
15. Or Nee- Hannes-Leipzig Maus-Vienna Izi-Leipzig
16. Cosmic Polo Harvest- Astrid-Vienna Jesse-London Kat Pierson-Birmingham

17. Micky Nimage- Robin-Dresden Anton-Leipzig TBA
18. Purple Haze- Top-Milano Gallo-Milano Livia-Milano
19… Br-No- Daniela. Brno Kamila-Brno Patrik-Brno

SATURDAY 23rd GROUPS : Everyone will be expected to help ref the group that you are not in, so please come to the court to help even if you are not playing.

MORNING 9:00am
Velociraptors (Andi, Maryse, Hansi)
Andromeda (Tina, Paul, Felix)
Or Nee (Hannes, Maus, TBA)
Golem (Jirka, Kyncl, Alca)
Northern Lights (Alison, Madej, Eva)
Tat’s weh (Stefan, Max, Asia)
Drop it like it’s hot (Raphi, Schlotti, Top)

Lidlize it (Äna, Pyetro, Jonas)
Hoferize ‘em (Chris, Max, Flixi)
Auftreten (Annick, Frieda, Johanna/Shaki)
MA1312 (Georg, Mischa, Emilio)
Caramba (Nele, Frax, Jovi)
Cosmic Polo Harvest (Astrid, Jesse, Kat)
Sekana (Jonas, Anezka, Tomas)
Leabuam (Lea, Pauberin, Zappa)


Can I request time to be changed to something in the evening, so it does not collide with “regular” work times?


Registration link is coming at 7pm!

Here the link for the telegram group chat:


I can’t see the reg link. Is it posted in the telegram chat?

Registration link is in top post
don’t be early don’t be late :wink:

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This is a bit confusing. Is registration open now (“7PM”) or " 20:00pm 31st August" ???

Edit: To be on the safe side I just registered but I will register again at 20:00.



oh i see, its just posted at 7pm but registration is open at 8pm, so you have time to fill the form before 8pm (75 questions in total) :wink: (joke)

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Like, now?

Free Agent….

Teamlist? :laughing:


Teamlist in the original post


i love the artwork, thought of making stickers out of them? or bpv logo :grin:


Any news how long the empty BPVs spots stay open for spontanous viennese teams? Or did all those in 6th place and higher already move up 2 places and “it´s hot” and “Micky Nimage” are already in?

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When and where do we pay the registration fee? Is it due before the start of the tournament or can we just pay once we arrive? Let us know :wink:

Sunday is last day for viennese spots.
We will send an email tonight with all the infos.
Payment will be due next wednesday :slight_smile:

Deadline for last spot of BPV: Sunday 10.09
Deadline for payment: 13.09 (All details are sent to the person who registered your team by email)


applying for the BPV-spot= TBA-Shaki/Johanna & Frieda & Annick
(Shaki und Johanna would share one place because they both can only play Saturday resp. Sunday)


Free Ajent

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