World Bike Polo Organizing Committee / World 2025 format options

Regarding on the ongoing discussions (mixed mandatory, team format) do the rep of the World Bike Polo Organizing Committee have already an idea about what what format are on the table for the next world (2025?)

And how what will/could be the process to make it approved ?
I know there’s some polls about mixed and formats (3v3 to 5v5) but so far they will give us a trend but not a formal decision tools (i think).

I’m asking this because we are currently voting within the swiss comittee about how to count votes (and next we will vote about format) and i’m curious about how these subject will be decided, at a very pragmatic and technical level i mean, how to you gather and count votes.
Google forms, poloverse polls, etc ?

Since i’m in Switzerland i’m adressing this question to my rep mes gars sûrs Ale and Django but i guess this question will rise within all regions.

The current list of rep:

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nah just released their format for this year i believe

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(We need NA in this forum)

You have a link ?

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Also there’s a link about how the votes went :

Hi, Nick DW the Australian rep here - in 2019 we held a vote using google forms. You can find a post about it on the NAH website
Vote for the location of WHBPC 9 - North American Hardcourt Bike Polo Association

It is the one time since 2015 we voted on format. It tends to be a decision left to the host (eg NAH in 2017 decided on Squad format, EHBA in 2023 decided on Quads format).

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