WTNB/TINFA players

dear WTNB community <3

bern would like to host hell’s belles! we don’t have a date yet. first we’d like to ask
if there is some club who also wanted to host hell’s belles? i wrote django, he said i should ask the wtnb community when what how:)

“Make IT Happen. WHO do i have to shout at? I wann to Play HB in Bern so badly” - Judy

I know not everyone is versatile in poloverse yet, neither am I, so spread the news and feel free for stating a VETO until 30th of november, if that’s too early to decide, let me know in the comments.
otherwise we’d love to go with it and prepare an amazing tournament for all of you coolies <3

another question was, if we could use polygones as the eurospot holder, if we won’t manage to have the tournament before euros/worlds but it seems we’re discussing dates that could be good for the schedule.

much LÖV as always <3



Birmingham were keen to host, especially since it’s the last one that was supposed to be in England was axed because of Covid (the ten year anniversary one in London). We’re happy to let Bern host in 2024 though if people would be up for us doing it in 2025? That might be even better for us to be honest as all of our non-male players should be back from maternity leave AND we might have some new courts by then!



amazing :))) thx