Accommodation / Hostel for Euros 2023 (30€/night)

Dear polo people,

During the (unsuccessful) search for a camping site next to the Tempelhofer Feld I stumbled upon a sports club that offers accommodation for athletes.

Is just a across the street of Tempelhofer Feld. It is 14 beds in total. Rooms with 2, 4 or 8 beds (bunkbeds) and communal kitchen, shower bathrooms.

Costs are €29,75 /person/night, so total of €178,50 for the whole championships (six night: 31.07.-06.08.2023)

For pictures scroll down to “TiB-Vereinsheim” on Vereinsanlagen

If you want to stay there, please paypal €178,50 to

And we go by a “first come, first serve”-thingy here since we have to advance the total amount and reserved it right away.

If you have questions about this particular hostel, let me know!

(Please note that they are fully booked during berlin:mixed)

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If you have questions, find me on telegram +49 174 2429914

Deadline for letting us know (and doing the payment) is 30.6.2023. Until this date we reserved the space for you.

Is there still room?

I would book from 1 to 5 august, the 6 I’ll leave… is there still a bed?

There is still some beds avaiable!!!

If you have questions, please contact me: Telegram/Whatsapp: +49 174 242 9914 or e-Mail (Which will take longer to reply :wink: The above mentioned e-Mail is for paypal only…

Basically, if you want to stay at TiB, pay the 178,50 to and you´re in.

Everybody that has booked a bed in the Herberge, you can get your key at the bar at the court on Tempelhofer Feld.
Pease bring 50,- deposit for the key.

Here is a plan of the permises and a Hausordnung (house policy)

Übersichtsplan TiB-Gelände.pdf (231.7 KB)
Bikepolo EM_31.07.-06.08.23_Hausordnung.pdf (116.3 KB)