Before the shift to FB, bikepolo took place on courts around the world and on leagueofbikepolo.com.
The site played an immense role in connecting the global community and progressing the sport. Other than a message board it also hosted a contact page for clubs across the globe, was the central point to publish tournaments and had hundreds of polo bike setups to admire.
I recall first finding the site looking for instructions on how to build a mallet.

When the site was taken down in 2016, Kevin - the creator of lobp - wrote this:
lobp-goodbye.pdf (2.5 MB)

Kevin Walsh has unfortunately passed away this week.
RIP and thanks for everything you did for bikepolo!


Thank you for that link. I just posted this in my national and club pages (Melbourne/Australia):

"Hi everyone,

I woke this morning to the very sad news that Kevin Walsh passed away in tragic circumstances this week. He is a Canadian and was instrumental in the formation of the global bike polo community that we have today. In earlier days he would ask me every year when Australia was going to be ready to host worlds.

He was also the kindest and warmest guy that you ever played against. I have no doubt that this is the number one thing that people will remember him for, and the huge role that he played online is second place to that.

Kev hosted League of Bike Polo.com which was the main hardcourt bike polo forum in the world for many years. All the clubs and tournaments in the wold were listed there, and all the rules we play to now were thrashed out on those pages.

Here is a link to a thread on polo verse that includes a copy of a significant post from Kevin about League of Bike Polo: #bringbacklobp



Related to this there’s a tool to bring back old/archived page and save
Them as pdf, I’ve made a post about it here:

Also I’m very sad.


I only just became aware of this fundraiser link for Kevin’s family which also contains a bit more information.


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Isn’t this place supposed to replace lobp? The need is real, but no one knows where to look