Couple Cup Halle

(english version below)

Bikepolo Halle lädt zum Jahresabschluss Turnier ein.
Wie auch im vergangenen Jahr möchten wir dieses Jahr wiederholt ein Indoor Turnier organisieren, dieses ist in Halle ja schon eine kleine Tradition geworden.
Dieses Jahr haben wir eine neue Halle mit perfektem Boden in welche wir in den nächsten Wochen eine Bande bauen können

Der Couple cup im 2vs2 mixed Format findet am 9/10.12 statt.
Wir werden alle Spielenden bei uns unterbringen können und planen außerdem ein Frühstück und Mittag.
Wir freuen uns auf alle Teams die sich anmelden und Lust auf ein letztes Wiedersehen in diesem Jahr haben.

Anmeldung über E-Mail: bis zum 12.11
Datum: 9/10.12 in Halle
Format:Indoor Court, 2vs2 mixed, 16 oder 18 Teams(je nach Anmeldung)
Mindestteilnahmealter 16 Jahre

18€ Startgeld
-gerne könnt ihr auch mehr als das Startgeld spenden um uns so beim Bau der Banden zu unterstützen. Da es die Location erlaubt die Bande dort längerfristig zu nutzen

Die Lotterie findet am 13.11 statt

Wir freuen uns auf euch!

Bikepolo Halle invites you to the end-of-year tournament.
Like last year, we would like to organize an indoor tournament again this year, which has already become a small tradition in Halle.
This year we have a new location with a perfect surface where we can build boards in the next weeks.
The Couple cup in 2vs2 mixed format will take place on 9/10.12.

We will be able to host all players at our homes and are also planning a breakfast and lunch.
We are looking forward to all teams who register and want to have a last reunion this year.

Facts: Registration via e-mail: until 12.11
Date: 9/10.12 in Halle
Format: Indoor court, 2vs2 mixed, 16 or 18 teams (depending on registration)
Minimum age 16 years
18€ registration fee

-You are welcome to donate more than the entry fee to help us build the boards. As the location allows us to use the boards for a longer period of time
The lottery will take place on 13.11

We are looking forward to see you in Halle!


Hi, I am looking for a teammate for the couple cup. If someone wants to play with me. Write me a message.

Current Teamlist
21 Teams

Enorm in Form: Christoph B/Kim
Halleluja: Christoph D/Kathy
SuperBock: Paula/Julius
Pöbel: Nele/Robert

10 out of these 14 teams will make it in

Team Zaubermaus: Julia/Joner
FKK: Karsten/Frieda
Lizards: August/Liz
Tony/Lishka Ladina/Miguel
Jolly Juicy DIY: Oli/Jules
Smutný Racek: Anežka/Jonáš


I just made the lottery… Check on BP Halle Instagram…

18 made it in

You’ll get more Infos soon.Please send me your teamname if you don’t have one yet.

Please PayPal 18€/person to until 20.11(otherwise the team will drop to the waiting list!)


Enorm in Form: Christoph B/Kim
Couldbeworse: Eliska/Levin
Halleluja: Christoph D/Kathy
SuperBock: Paula/Julius
PoloCoupe au Lait: Johanna/Robert
DanitaDeuxLuxe: Daniel/Rita
Svenne: Svenja/Benni
EmergencyPlan: Niels/Romana
Zaubermaus: Julia/Joner
FKK: Karsten/Frieda
Lizards: August/Liz
M&Ms: MG/Mauri
KrasserScheiß: Ewa/Kosik
TwinToLitos: Tony/Lishka Ladina/Miguel
Fun: Izi/Jan
Smutný Racek: Anežka/Jonáš
???: Max/Alca

Waiting List:

Thanks for registration and sorry for the Teams that are out… 18 Teams was the maximum for us…

See you
BP Halle♥️


Free agent


This weekend we worked on building the court and we are nearly done (;
I also contacted everyone regarding housing etc…
If you have any questions pls write me a message
See you in two weeks :heart:


Hey Polopeople

Less than 10 days until our CoupleCup will happen!

We are nearly done with building the court aka “TheBox” and are stoked to see you next week

Just some infos for the weekend:

We made three groups with 6 teams each

Group1: Robert/Johanna, Christoph/Kathy, Nils/Romana, Frieda/Karsten, August/Liz, Ladina/Miguel

Group2: Levin/Eliska, Christoph/Kim, Ewa/Kosik, Tony/Lishka, Anezka/Jonas, Max/Alca

Group3: Svenja/Benni, Julius/Paula, MG/Mauri, Rita/Daniel, Julia/Joner, Izi/Jan

Group 1 is planned to play 9-13, Group2 13-16 and last group 16-20(Please be there the whole day and enjoy the games in “TheBox”)

Saturday evening we try to organise some postpolo stuff for everybody

There will be breakfast and a hot meal during the day! Please bring your cups and cutlery

Its not that warm there so please bring some warm clothes (;

I think i dropped every team a message regarding hosting, if you dont know yet please conact me(also for every other question you have)

Hope everything is said

See you next Week (;


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