Dublin Open 3 2024



Squad (4’s) tournament
2 Courts
16 Teams

Two slots have become open in the tournament.

Short notice but who wants to come to Dublin?

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Hi Dublin ! Do you already know if this tournie will be redone next year ? :smiley:


Can’t give 100% confirmation, but the council has been helping us the past few years, it should continue for next year, so we should be good to go around the same time next year.


Hi Johnny ! Do you have some news about the 2024 edition ?

Dublin Open 3

Name: Dublin Open 3
Dates: start=“2024-06-22” end=“2024-06-23”
Location: Dublin, Five Lamps, Aldborough place Format: Swiss rounds, double elimination Description: 14 Slots, 3 reserved for Dublin teams Half the slots prioritised FLINTA for reservation. Registration coming soon
Sign-Up: send an email to dublinbikepolo@gmail.com from March 23rd until March 30th


Registration extended due to technological issues

I definitly want to play ! But just one week to build a team is a bit tight…
Until what date can we now register please ? :slight_smile:

We will have an open registration for a few weeks, you should have time

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Okay, thank you Johnny !

While I’m here, I announce that I am FREE AGENT :hugs: Flinta, playing in France (Tours) for 4 years now. I really fancy coming to Dublin, know your club and make a funny team, no matters the level you have (I’m middle).
I really want to cooome :star: :fire: :comet:


Also free Agent here :)

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Trouvé ?

Free agent :kissing_heart:

We are creating teams with free agents and Dublin players, if anyone else is interested in attending contact us soon

See you soon

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My team is looking for a third player. let me know if youre interested.