Name: EPIPHANIE 2024 #13

Dates: January 27-28th 2024

Location: Rouen, France

Format: 16 teams – 3v3 (Teamlist)

Sign-Up: December 6th and 13th at noon (GMT+1) on https://www.rouenbikepolo.com

Goggle map : Epiphanie 2024 – Google My Maps

Hey everyone! Epiphanie Bike Polo Weekend 2024 is a go !

WHEN ? :date:
January 27-28th, 2024
Montpellier, please don’t organize anything these dates ! :heart: (McFly you’ll always be welcomed in your hometown)

WHAT YOU HAVE TO KNOW ? :warning: :gift: <–– must read
For the ones who don’t know, we ask all the teams to bring a gift (we encourage home made gift or something local, something nice, please think of something cool BEFORE coming to the tournament). On saturday night, using the ranking of the first day (First team first, then 2nd, 3rd and so on till the last team) all the teams will choose a gift from the gifts table (pack them well so it is a surprise !). We can’t stress this enough: bring something nice the team can share and potentially bring home.

REGISTRATIONS ???!!! :fire: :fire: <–– must read too !
This year, we’ll change something : it’s 2023, it’s way passed time for us to be more inclusive, to try and do so, there will be 2 registrations sessions.

  1. The first one will be reserved to the teams with at least one FLINTA and/or NON-WHITE player in it. There will be 4 slots available for these registrations.
  2. And then, a second registrations session for every team. Yes, if you missed the first round, you’ll still have a chance to get the 2nd one. Like the previous editions, it will be a form to fill and first registered, first served for both sessions.

Both registration sessions will happen on rouenbikepolo.com.

Let us know (on poloverse only please so we can help everyone) if you have any question.

Stay tuned :purple_heart:


Non white registration: :kissing_heart:


Hi dudes, i’m free agent looking to be in a team with good players.
For those who don’t know me I’m from TOURS BIKE POLO in France.
I’m right-handed, strong as a goalkeeper, a ball stealer on defense and a pretty good shooter when I’m not making a smart shot.
I’m looking to have good tournaments this year by trying to find nice teammates ( whatever the gender :innocent:) with whom to have a good season.
French people feel to contact me too!
Instagram will show you more about me! (Rémy Sugar_DTR).
Fell free to text me!
393374932_179826toulouse bike polo rémy


And we have a poster, by Anaïs from Rouen and we love it !



Yo everyone, I am a free agent for the tournament, for those who don’t know me I am quite friendly and I play polo quite well :slight_smile:


Hi everyone !
I’m available and very motivated by this epic tournament !
For those who don’t know me, I’ve been playing bike polo in Tours for 4 years and I’m getting more and more at ease on my bike. I have some good skills even if I still have to learn a lot ! I’m very open minded and patient so you will be able to give me all your pieces of advices and I will take them very carefully ! Also very enthusiast, happy and easy player on the court ! I want to do my best but without falling out :wink: Fun is my leitmotiv ! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


After discussing with a few people about the subject:

POC (Person of Color) are not discriminated to the same extent in the sporting community than Flintas.

As a POC I don’t think we at large need priority registration in the bike polo community. But happy to hear otherwise.

Having those 2 minorities offered the same priority draw to this event feels like a disservice to Flintas in this case:
I would be ok if you removed this priority registration for POC.

Although, I salute your good intentions to correct systemic issues of our society! :kissing_heart:


I won´t get into a deeper discussion but comparing, which community is more discriminated against seems very weird to me.


@JasonEnVelo I hear you. I get your point. But I think it depends on the people (as I discussed it with some people myself, some told me they maybe felt some difficulties at first).

We thought about deleting the mention but I think it wouldn’t be fair (since we put it in the first place and as our dear @metriod mentioned : we can’t compare, that’s weird).

I’m not talking in the name of RBP, only myself but what about people who feel FLINTA need it more don’t subscribe for the first round to let these spots available ? I’d take it as a support to the flinta community. I know it’s easy for me to say, but I think it could be a good gesture.


Another info, first round of subscriptions will happen in a week. The form can be found on our website.

Again, there will be plenty of slots after this round. Please make way to people who need it.

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Not a POC myself, but I think the interesting thing about this 2 step registration mechanism is that you can choose if you want to benefit from the reserved spots or not. I am happy anyway to see clubs experimenting new ways to make the bike polo scene more inclusive :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Free Agent


Get your fingers ready for the first round of registrations tomorrow :

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So, 16 teams :
4 flinta-poc priority
how many slots left for the second wave of registration ?

Rouen have like 4 teams ?

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cant wait for the registration tomorrow !



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la blague percute moins sur PV que sur FB c’est sur :slight_smile:


Mais jamais je n’arrêterai.



And here are the first registered teams !

#1 Vortex
(Lisa, Robin, Max)

#2 Tape dans l’fond
(Quentin, Anaïs, Samir)

#3 Team Sotteville
(Camille, Anton, Capucine)

#4 Maman j’ai raté la balle
(Choko, Yann, Mulot)

#5 Kcool
(Jojo, Alphonso, Baptiste)

#6 Space cookies
(Mya, Quentin, Woods)


#8 TypeR
(Momo, Dodi, Bouchard)

Full list is available here : Rouen Bike Polo

Remember, you can still try an register next week, there are still 8 slots available