List of Polo Brands

Mallets, heads and shafts

  1. Alpha
  2. DOM
  3. Donata
  4. Fero Bike Polo
  5. Good Head
  6. Heckler’s Alley
  7. Milk
  8. Perro del Mallet
  9. Raccoon Bike Polo
  10. Roger
  11. Stubborn
  12. Voltige
  13. Thor’s Hammer Bike Polo Components
  14. Praaap


  1. Hecklers Alley
  2. Milk
  3. Roger

Frames and bikes

Production bikes:

  1. Enforcer :us:
  2. Koncept Bikes :jp:
  3. Lightfoot (might be dead?) :australia:
  4. Max Power :de:

Custom bikes:

  1. Krömer :de:
  2. Bison Bikes :hungary:
  3. Fazan :ru:
  4. Riding in circles :it:
  5. Stolen Garage :fr:
  6. Cicli Groucho :it:
  7. old field cycles :uk:
  8. Marino Bikes :peru:
  9. Guidolin Pepe :argentina:
  10. La Luce Frameworks :switzerland:
  11. Kubeka :fr:
  12. Morassi :austria:
  13. DLOUHY Cycles :de:

I think Dom is on Amazon

the link for lightfoot is for a different company.
theur old webshop link is dead, the best way to contact dave for bike or mallets is via lightfoot instagram Login • Instagram

or cleftin twain instagram

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Hello site keeper,
It’s Kinson from Koncept Bicycles.
Poloverse is such a great place for polo players all around the world to join together. Great job!!
And thank so much for posting our Brand.
Our Instagram link is as following:
It would be so kind if you could update the list above.
Hope Poloverse every success in the future!


updated - thanks for the info!
also if you’re keen to make poloverse better, please get in touch, we can always use a helping hand :slight_smile:

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Yea, absolutely! Want any help from here, just let me know.

hey, there is also affordable French head Alpha BikePolo :slightly_smiling_face:

cool! thanks - I just added it (a bit late, haha, sorrey)

what about DLOUHY Cycles? They have made some custom frames already and one
s a former (or current!?) player.

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Italian frame builder from Torino Cicli Groucho added!

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this post is now a wiki, so anyone (with a certain trust level) can edit it
to get a higher trust level, just be active on the forum or talk to one of the admins and we’ll adjust it (if we trust you :wink: )


Thank you @momo !

I also introduced an “emoji system” to have a quick overview of updated (:up:) and new (:new:) links.
I hope this helps! (we should decide when to remove this label though)


Thanks for compiling this!

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IMO Best heads ever!

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On instagram a Italian brand for mallet shaft and connect is :raccoon: Raccoon

I m a referent in Germany for order and simple

this post is a wiki entry - meaning you should be able to edit it and add raccoon! if you can, post a link as well
thanks :raised_hands::raised_hands:


Added raccoon plus created a ball category. If anyone knows any other options please also add them as am in the market. Seems (cambridge) is dead?

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indeed no more balls from cambridge ( we holding the last 40 as club stock)

Would be good to know the supplier those balls were the best. All the other current balls kinda suck