Margarita Mixed - Bern Marzili Beach

Hello dear Polopeeps

As you may have already heard, we are playing on a new very beautiful court. Its a supper nice court and next to the beautiful river Aare (where you can swim in) in Bern, right in the center. That brings us to the obvious idea to have a small tournament in summer. We would love to have you all celebrating this beautiful place in a Mixed tournament. We can host max 16 teams for a tournament full of river dips and frozen-margarithas. Registration will follow soon, opens on poloverse in a few days.

Max 16 Teams
Saturday: Rounds
Sunday: Double elimination
3v3 / 12 min.



Inscription will open this tuesday 19.July 22:00
The link for the inscription form will be posted here on poloverse.
First come first serve, max. 16 Teams.

Some rules for the inscription:

  • At least two gender identities have to be represented in each team.

  • No TBAs

  • After your inscription you will be asked to pay the inscription-fee within 1 week by paypal, twint or simmilar. (it will be around 60.- CHF/€ per team, we’ll communicate this in detail, with the inscription). if you havent payed in this period, your slot will be given to the next team on the wating list.

in the inscription is included:

  • tournament saturday&sunday (+pick-ups on friday)
  • housing (if you need)
  • food


update 18. july

the organising committe decided that teams with bern players can inscribe before the official inscription.



  • UPDATE 12. August -

that we can plan a bit better, the inscription will close one week before the tournament. so make shurre your team is in, until 20. August


Free-agent looking for a team! Can guarantee we’ll win “furthest travelled” if such a prize is awarded!

I like to pass and can be coaxed into shooting. Works best if you can do a good impression of Emmet, “Take the shot Dave!”

Failing that, happy to ref in terrible french or slightly better English.

Either way, can’t wait to see the new court!


:expressionless: ihr verchürzed mini italie ferie grad uf foif täg

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new court pict or it didnt happen



Approved :+1:t2:🫰🏻

is it near this swimmingpool ?


Yes it’s super close, almost under the bridge you see on the map

Dropped pin

Cool so pretty kids friendly to back and forth to the swiming pool right ?


yes! more than kid friendly :slight_smile: pools, river…


trop bien

done :slight_smile:

Team List?

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Very happy to tell you that there are already 11 Teams registered.
You’ll recive an email today with the payment info. Please follow the instructions as fast as possible (one week).

Team Name Player 1 - Name Player 1 - City Player 2 - Name Player 2 - City Player 3 - Name Player 3 - City We need housing for *** people
1 test my hormones Ladina Demarmels Bern Remy Vuillemin Freiburg Martin Pas Paris 2
2 The cat’s meow Bulle Brussel David Varga gva Clément Bern 0
3 Pariah Emmet Bern Elodie Strasbourg Dani Paris 0
4 Calabrese rita bern leo bern chrigu bern 0
5 clamiro Michu Bern Clara Bern Romain Bern 0
6 Sonnenbrand jule gva clem gva quentin gva 3
7 Salsa, tequila, corazón Nathalie geneve Jason monpelier Julien Mass Paris 3
8 AntiPodium Johanna Wien Max Berlin Momo Ber(li)n 1
9 baaaam! Zita ZH Alix ZH Andri ZH 3
10 Schmetterling Momo Lyon Quentin Lyon Lisa Kyiv/Berlin 3
11 TBD Emily Croft San Francisco, CA Dave from Lightfoot Australia Punch 3
12 Campari soda Daia Züri Indi Bern Janosh Bern 1
13 Confluence Pix Montpellier Eva Dresden Matthew Madison 3
14 Cromo’s children Pyetro Milano Livia Milano Seghez Milano 3
15 Rock the Caspa August Gaimerheim Claire Berlin Levin Halle 3
16 Höhlenbewohner Andy München Nico Ingoltown Franzi Dublin 3

Looks like 7 and 8 are the same teams :slight_smile:

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jup, noticed that aswell. i think its one of the hardest things, to coordinate within a team :wink:
i‘ll wait, maybe they also pay double, so they can play double :thinking:

but yeah, seem like there are „just“ 10 teams for the moment, so please spread the news.
and as you and clem said already. the court is super child/family friendly. there is a small garden, right next to it is marzilibath (for free), with childpools a great gelateria and the citycenter is superclose.


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i’ll spread a bit, but not that much, 12 teams is good enough ! More play, less wait…



Yes sorry we want to be sure to be in! so we both register, I send you a mail about it.

Some gus from bex looking for a girl, if someone interested.


12 is enough! Also i encourage everyone to check the list before signing up….daaayum


damn this teamlist, it’s the EURO or what, so fat.