Mixed or Treat 8 (Milano, 28–29 October 2023)



After the great success of last year’s tournament, we decided to extend our mixed saga by turning our Halloween classic into a mixed edition!

Milano Bike Polo is pleased to present the eighth edition of “Mixed or Treat”, the winter classic, hosted at the famous Leoncavallo Spazio Pubblico Autogestito squat, in Milan.

Because Mixed or Treat is a Halloween happening, being masked is mandatory for each team and, of course, there will also be a “Best Mask” team prize!

Although we have one court, we want to gather as many teams as possible and considering that our indoor court has lights, we can extend the games after sunset.

We usually reward faster team registration, but since we expect a high demand, we’ll mix both “first come first served” and lottery, in case we exceed the maximum number of allowed teams.

  • What: Mixed or Treat 8
  • When: 28–29 October 2023
  • Where: Leoncavallo SPA, Via Antoine Watteau 7, 20125 Milano (Italy) 30
  • Number of teams: 18 max.
  • Teams format: 3 vs 3, mandatory Mixed teams
  • Tournament format: 3 round-robin groups + 1 bottom round-robin group + top 16 double elimination (format may vary)
  • Registration slots: 4 MBP + 8 first come first served + 6 lottery (slots may vary)
  • No TBAs are allowed in the registration phase. Teams with TBAs will automatically be put on the waiting list
  • Registration opening: 12:00 (CEST) on Monday 7 August 2023
  • Registration closing: 24:00 (CEST) on Sunday 10 September 2023
  • Lottery (possibly via streaming): between Monday 11 and Tuesday 12 September 2023
  • Registration link: Mixed or Treat 8: registration
  • Registration fee: €60/team

As usual, Leoncavallo SPA is very welcoming and they are pleased to host as many players as they can in their hospitality rooms, just above the court!

They host all of us for free, but we’ll ask for €5/night in advance to all those who want to sleep there. We’ collect the money and donate to Leoncavallo to help them to keep the squat alive.

Breakfast, fruits and snacks will be available in the players’ area next to the court throughout the day and are included in the registration fee.

Also, Leoncavallo SPA has an open kitchen throughout our stay providing for all your lunches, dinners and of course drinks!


  1. Spritz Cynar — Top, Riki (Milano), Rita (Bern) :white_check_mark:
  2. Granchi Reali — Gallo, Livia, Seghez (Milano) :white_check_mark:
  3. Apocalypsers Friends — Mariano (Milano) Fabio Adriano (Roma), Maira (Brasil/Portugal) :white_check_mark:
  4. Ematoma — Gipsi, Sonni, Micky (Milano) :white_check_mark:
  5. Tranquillo — Pyetro (Milano), Lisa (Berlin), Dodi (Munich) :white_check_mark:
  6. Focaccia — Nathalie (Génève), Hugo, Nans (Caen) :white_check_mark:
  7. Enorm in form — Levin, Julius (Halle), Quimey (Barcelona) :white_check_mark:
  8. Top Grazie — Tom (Milano), Juba (Conegliano), Lishka (Berlin) :white_check_mark:
  9. Eiffel 65 — Punch (Vicenza), Eliska (Prague), Bouchard (Lyon) :white_check_mark:
  10. I Becchini — Bojo (Milano), Alejandro (Barcelona), Bulle (Bruxelles) :white_check_mark:
  11. Babar — Elodie (strasbourg), Jason (Montpellier), Morgan (Lyon) :white_check_mark:
  12. JojoDals — Alphonse, Vincent (Lyon), Jojo (Genève) :white_check_mark:
  13. Power Puff People — Raphi, Schlotti, Äri (Vienna) :white_check_mark:
  14. Free Frix — Frix (Hannover), Astrid (Vienna), Mazzetta (Conegliano) :white_check_mark:
  15. T-Rex — Paolino (Milano), Marika (Cardiff), Pap (Padova) :white_check_mark:
  16. Queens of the joust age — Cecio, Ilaria, Kappa (Roma) :white_check_mark:
  17. Vinci Milano — Romi, Loker (Rosario, Argentina), Daniel (Paris) :white_check_mark:
  18. Background Check — Emilio, Ana (Wien), Nanni (Milano) :white_check_mark:

Waiting list

  1. Cappuccinos — Andri (Zurich), Michu (Bern), Omayra (Viennna)
  2. T Max — Dédé, Marie, Alban Martins (Lyon)
  3. Ghostbusters — Julia, Bobo (Berlin), Pepi (Rosario)
  4. Readdy Mercury — Jonas, Zappa, Lea (Graz)
  5. Ok Lascaux — Mac fly, Pablo (Montpellier), Anais (Rouen)
  6. Tony Sandwich — Ana (Vienna), Antonio (London), Tony (Berlin)
  7. Cordi’s Angels — Dani, Coco, Alban (Lyon)
  8. Wasabi — Paolo (Venezia), Maria (Wien), Fede (Bolzano)
  9. The leopards — Georg, Jaqui (Vienna), Christopher (Linz)


  • La Luce — Clement (Bern), Luce (Montpellier), Adam (London)
  • Črne vrane — Peter, David (Maribor), TINA (Vienna)
  • Los Pollos Hermanos — Matias Gonzalez (Milano), Alan Chort (Lyon), Marcia Barrientos (Temuco, Chile)


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Registration link added in the main thread!
Good luck!!


done :crossed_fingers:


Team list !?! :crossed_fingers::crossed_fingers::crossed_fingers:


coming as soon as I will be back home 🥲 probably tomorrow!


Free agent

Team list published!
Thank you all for such many registrations in a few days!!
First come first served slots were sold out in 30 minutes!


That is not so fast. For Epiphanie It’s 10 seconds :kissing_heart:

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We’ll do better next year!!


Now that we have the teamlits, time has come for important questions !
Hot water this year ? :joy:


eheh, actually for what I know, they replaced the boiler just before last year’s tournament, I thought the hot water issue was solved!

as soon as we’ll go back at Leoncavallo in September I’ll check this out with them.


ps: luckily end of October is definitely as cold as in December!


Are the teams which are listed under “Lottery” definitely in? Or when is the lottery held?

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As described in the main thread the lottery for the 6 slots will happen in September :four_leaf_clover:

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Happy to be one more registered team from Milan!

ENTREVERO - Eva (Milano), Mariano (Milano), Fabio (Roma)

Woohooo :call_me_hand: :dizzy:


Free Agent.


Free Ajent



I have a crazy idea: what about you two forming a team together?


Also a free agent :wave:


Heyoo! Is the lottery gonna be live? x

Lottery will be live streamed on https://www.instagram.com/milanobikepolo/ on tuesday 12th or wednesday 13th at the latest, late afternoon/evening time.

Tomorrow evening we’ll meet and make it public!