ÖHBPM 2022 - Austrian Champs

Date: 15-16 October
Location: Wördern
Format: 3 vs 3
Cost: 10-30€ estimated per player


  • Wördern makes sense but feel free to suggest other locations, if you are up to organize it there.
  • As is long standing tradition the 2/3-Rule is applicable. Every team participating has to consist of at least 2 players living in Austria.
  • All points are up for discussion if brought up in a timely manner.


  1. Gilberto bahö - Johanna, Mateen (Vienna), Marco (Graz)
  2. Reggae knights - Lea, Max, Jonas (Graz)
  3. Maximum Critical Broccoli - Conny (Vienna), Christopher, Gulasch (Linz)
  4. TBA - Georg, Jovi (Vienna), Kyncl (Prague)
  5. Chilli Galango - Omayra, Stefan (Vienna), Frix (Hannover)
  6. Old Spice - Miguel, Pavel, Felix (Vienna)
  7. Cimcirimci - Mateusz, Kuba (Vienna), Tony (Berlin)
  8. TBAA - Äna, Astrid (Vienna), Peter (Ptuj)
  9. TBAAA - Shaki, Annick (Vienna), Valentin (Geneva)
  10. ein kleines Edelweiß - Schorsch, Andreas (Linz), Sepp (Ingolstadt)

Ich warte auf Rückmeldung von Red Dragons, welche Wochenenden frei sein.


Juhu cool, danke dass jemand dahinter ist…ich würd mich gerne aus der Orga rausnehmen weil Grad erst Polocamp war und das eine stressige Zeit bei mir mit Kolleg ist! PS: BVP besitzt jetzt eine Gasflasche zum Kochen (lagert bei velopeaches)!


Lea wär für Anfang Oktober. Sie hat kein Poloverse…

Have a look at the updated first post please.

Please ask her to invest 5 min to create an account and vote, else her vote can´t be considered.

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Proposal as usual: human fish as exception?

Or Slovenia in general?


Yes as always. Countries without a own Championship?

@metriod dont forget to vote yourself :sweat_smile:
Edit: I am not in Vienna on the two September weekends

Only Human Fish is a “as always”.

(Neighbouring) countries not capable of own championship has been discussed before but I don´t think we ever applied it? If there is any interest, we can certainly talk about it. I´ll write Slovenia + Hungary (+ Czech Republic + Croatia).

I´d still say only austrian community gets a vote on date.


I think we did. Hungarian team was registered the last time as far as I remember but canceled in the end…

Would be good to have an idea how big the interest is…

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Ich bin interessiert zu kommen. Es wär cool wenn es stattfindet. Leider kann ich nur am 1. Oktoberwochenende.

/Edit: verstehe ich es richtig dass ich selbst nicht voten darf? ich habe meinen Vote gelöscht


I personally would not be that strict-as far as I remember people who used to play in Austria and moved abroad were still part in austrian community. (Eg django) and still had a vote for the date.


Well I just think it wouldnt be fair if someone from Austria was outvoted on a date by someone from abroad - and in Jonas’ case from a country with their own champs. Another point is that people from Austria are potentially involved in the organization, so prioritizing their availability should be obvious.

It is not obvious as in my experience organization is only in a few hands and help is not bounded by nationality or by where people live now.

But I get your first point.

Helloo, when will you set the date? I need to communicate it for my work Dienstplan…

Voting is till 30.08

Reggae knights - Lea, Max, Jonas (CPG)

Do we know something about the other countries?

Alca said Czech Championship is on first or second weekend of october.