ÖHBPM X - 2023 - Austrian Champs

Date: 7/8. October - Bikecheck at 08:30 on Saturday
Location: Wördern
Format: 3 vs 3, mandatory mixed
Cost: 10-30€ estimated per player
Accommodation: Camping next to the court
Responsibilities: Sign up for responsibilities please: ÖHBPM2023 - Google Tabellen
ÖHBPM X - 2023 - Austrian Champs - Round Robin - Challonge
ÖHBPM X - 2023 - Austrian Champs - Double Elimination - Challonge


  • Wördern again. There was a brief discussion in the BP Austria Signal chat about Linz hosting it but it´s not happening this year.
  • As is long standing tradition the 2/3-Rule is applicable. Every team participating has to consist of at least 2 players living in Austria. Rule is amended to 3/4(?) if we play 4 vs 4.
  • There is talk about a regular tournament in Wördern on 23-24 September. In that case this weekend becomes unavailable for ÖHBPM.
  • Only players living in Austria are eligible to vote.
  • All points are up for discussion if brought up until 30.8.


  1. Affogato corretto - Django, Lea, Jonas
  2. Binturong - Georg, Shaki, Kyncl
  3. no name yet - Jovina, Johanna, Riley
  4. Amalgamatic Intergalactic - Jirka (Pardubice), Mischa, Paul (Vienna)
  5. Pollopolo - Hansi (Linz), Alca (Prague), Christopher
  6. TBA2 - Marco (Graz), Mateen, Annick (Vienna)
  7. TBA3 - Daniela (Brno) Stefan, Raphi (Vienna)
  8. Die Pinguine - Marky, Pauberin, Moritz (Graz)
  9. Nice to graz you - Chris (Graz), Tobi (Vienna), Jonaš (Turnov)
  10. TBA4 - Werner, Philipp (Linz), Schlotti (Vienna)
  11. TBA5 - Aeri (Vienna), Frax (Prague), TBA



Please vote for the date of the ÖHBPM 2023 until 30. August:
  • 16-17 September
  • 23-24 September
  • 30 September-01 October
  • 07-08 October
  • 14-15 October
  • 21-22 October
  • 28-29 October
  • 04-05 November

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Please vote for the format of the ÖHBPM 2023 until 30. August:
  • 3 vs 3
  • 4 vs 4

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Please vote whether the Austrian Champs 2023 should be mandatory mixed until 6. September:
  • Yes
  • No

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Discussion point: as usual human fish? (If they want to play as a team this year again?)


Only opinion: would be nice to have so many Mixed Teams as last year ❤️‍🔥


Human Fish - ok!

FYI: 6-8 October is tournament in Portugal that some people might be attending.

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I’d love to have a mixed öhbpm :heart_eyes:


Free agent ( falls 08. oktober oder frueher, danach bin ich verreist )

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5 free agents from Leipzig


However only players living in Austria are eligible to vote for Date and Format. Please remove your votes :slight_smile:

(Same for @Erni, @Mega_shuffle )

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Good news - as of now all weekends after 17.9 are available!


Last day to vote

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I request a vote for Austrian champs 2023 mixed mandatory @metriod !? (8 ppl already reacted to the idea :black_heart:)

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What should the vote look like?

“Should the Austrian Champs 2023 be mixed mandatory?”


Please vote whether the Austrian Champs 2023 should be mandatory mixed until 6. September.


Austrian Champs take place on 7/8. October with 3 vs 3 format.

From Georg “Wasn’t it 15/16 yesterday?”
It was and I voted just before voting end. Also even without my vote, 7/8 October would win, because @Mega_shuffle vote for 14/15 does not count.

I think it’s good to think about and discuss the topic (f.e. on the Plenum, or create an extra meeting) and maybe add more answers - or ask different!
On that short notice it was not thought through entirely but I felt like I want to act and not keep silent about it :blush:
I think there could be added some answers like “don’t want to vote on this matter now”, “Öhbpm should be priority mxd”.
My main intention is to get us started to think/discuss/decide :black_heart: ! Thx for reacting so far!


I want to explain my vote to mandatory mixed, because I am not against it in general - and would love to see tournaments with higher levels become mixed too-at least priority for mixed teams as Brussels. (That’s my favourite way to go) Also I wanted to discuss this topic in our FLINTA* chat first.(as there were different perspectives in the discussion this is mine and I don’t speak for others-just as disclaimer)

for Austrian champs:

I think that it is a strong statement that the Austrian champs (like it was last year) are almost mixed by ,nature‘ and not mandatory - and that’s what it makes it about us, for me.

We all know how much (beautiful) work it is to build and maintain a club like this.

I have the feeling that making mandatory mixed erase all the effort of this work, of our club.

I might be wrong and last year could have been a lucky coincidence. The position I am arguing is only relying on the context of our club and of last year regarding the Austrian champs.

  1. Affogato corretto - Django, Lea, Jonas
    (I just wanted to be faster then mateen :stuck_out_tongue: )

Aaaand: Kids (10yo) participating is fine? Moritz from Graz would be interested to play with Pauberin (his Father). It shouldn’t be a problem I think?


It shouldn’t be ok?

My vote: yes :heavy_check_mark:

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  1. Binturong - Georg, Shaki, Kyncl

I meant “It shouldn’t be a problem?” :sweat_smile:

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