Refferee Camp

BDX bikepolo has decided to organize and host a ref camp for the beginning of 2025.

This is a platform where everyone is welcome to share ideas, opinions, and resources for this event.

PLEASE, be respectful of forum etiquette!
(All languages welcome :grin:)


I’m curious to see how you can motivate people to come and practice refereeing.
I’m open to coming, but I feel like I would be working even more on a thankless job, with no participation/encouragement from most of the people who will benefit from it.
I hope I’m wrong, happy to hear otherwise!


Maybe we can create a referee fund… to finance people’s travels expenses for such community service events.
Funds can be given to people willing to come but not to finance it on their own… (I know I fit in this category).

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Attendance is definitely a challenge! We believe there are ways to address this, but which is best? We need your ideas.

These are my initial thoughts.
1* Badass gifts for attendance. Like a super awesome whistle that is special and super awesome. A cool badge that shows you are a member of the first generation of certified bikepolo referees ever! Stylin Ref hats with the cert badge that are practical for the job. Pocket sized, special edition 2025 rulesets with cool art in them! Etc…

2* The event could possibly be made FREE for attendees. Maybe clubs could help pay transport for the persons/peoples they send. Our event is going to be designed to reduce the cost of this event as much as possible.

3* long-term finacial incentives! E.g. certified refs maybe get inscription reductions for certain tournaments? Do you think clubs would be interested in this?

4* Formatting options. Do we tag the camp onto another tournament? Or should it be stand alone? Either way, a mini tournament will be played (on scene reffing for pedagogical reasons)



Is it meant to be a Advanced Camp for allready practicing refs or open also for newbs?
I am prety new to polo and be confused by rules some time. But also i Like refing (obviously with a co-ref) to be aware about the rules.
I am very interested in a Camp Like this.
I also think that it should be parallel to a Tournie, just to be shure to have multiple Games to practice.


in :fire:

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We want this camp to be useful to experienced refs and newbies alike!

One possible format is as follows.

Micro tournament: 6 teams, 3v3 (preferably mixte)

Captain of each team is an experienced ref accompanied by two players who want to learn how/improve.

Saturday and sunday mornings are reserved for presentations made by each of the six refs, addressing various aspects of reffing. Afternoons are reserved for swiss rounds and double elim. Each team participates in reffing. Final exam… Boom…

Regardless of what format is chosen, I believe that all participants will benefit, regardless of experience.

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Been done before by NAH. Only found it as archieve:

Great initiative, Bernie!

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I stand corrected!

Well done , would partecipate 10/10

Discount on tourneis seems a good incentive to keep certified ref up

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Woooaaaaah! In too! :)

Also interested if it’s in February

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Same :)

Would also be interested if I can fit it in my schedule!

One of the incentives could be extra life’s in the lottery for all the crowded tournaments out there?
@Levin February will be difficult though, as it traditionally rains a lot in that season, and we have a recurring roof leaking problem in Bordeaux


Ah okay
If it’s in Semester vacations(February/March) im down to come!


Maximize attendance by voting below!
When would you like the camp to take place?

  • Early February
  • Late February
  • Early March
  • Late March
  • Early April
  • Late April
  • Some other time

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Format proposition from the great Alejandro Carrillo!

Camp/mini-tournament 4v4!! 6 teams

  • Camp/mini-tournament 4v4!! 6 teams
    *Individual inscription for event
    *Presentations made by interested participants (6 slots)
    *3 presentations each morning before matches.
    *Participants sorted into 4v4 teams that ref and play together, 1 presenter per team.
    *Final exam on Sunday

We are making tough choices on what topics to cover for presentations.

What are your thoughts?

Here some ideas for topics:

  • how to manage tough players/games
  • off-ball reffing
  • common hard calls (whose at fault?)
  • leniency, game flow, findinf a consistent ref style
  • hand signals (I just personally would really like it if they got used more often!)
  • how to get a tasty ref beer