whatever you could think of

When creating a new subcategory, the default should be that ‘sister’-subcats are not displayed above the topics. otherwise it’s confusing as fuck.
currently the default is that these other sub-cats under the same parent category are displayed and an admin has to go to settings within the new sub-cat, and change ‘default list filter’ to ‘no subcategories’
@Pyetro created some sort of workaround for the ‘clubs’ category dunno how that worked

@Johanna brought up another request: links leading out of poloverse should automatically open a new tab. @leevi I think these are mostly requests for you…:slight_smile:

and another one from @Johanna minimum required password length for new acconts being too long. I can try to look into that, doesn’t seem all that technical


The only way I found is to manually set for each Sub category these settings by entering in a Category > Subcategory > Wrench icon (top right) > Settings > Appearance

then, I set Default List Filter to “no subcategories”, this will hide sibiling subcategories within subcategories.

I can’t find a global setting for this, but I opened a topic in the Meta Discourse forum, in the hope of having correctly asked the question (here)

Really? Because most clubs sub cats still have ‘default list filter’ set to the other option, yet the sister sub categories are not being displayed…

which clubs? only main categories can have subcategories, but I checked all of them and just MBP has subcategories

What do you need to achieve? showing or not sibiling subcategories from inside a subcategory?

This is a setting in everyone’s personal profile settings, under “Preferences” → “Interface”.

It can be configured to be checked by default: Admin → Settings → User Preferences → “default other external links in new tab”

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Not on my laptop rn. Could you do it?

Clubs are subcategories. inside of them, above the topics, all sub categories display sibling sub cats (in this case other clubs) - unless you change the setting of this sub cat to displaying ‘no subcategories’

But for clubs, unlike other subcategories they are not being displayed even though the setting is not changed. Thats why I thought you had figured out another way to hide the sibling subcats

Milano bike polo for example:

I think i got it:

If the parent category has the “Default List Filter” set to “all topics”, subcategories need to have the same setting set to “no subcategories” to hide sibiling subcategories.

Otherwise if the parent category has the “Default List Filter” set to “no subcategories”, the settings reflects in someway in the subcategories.

I don’t understand in full why this is happening, because the “Default List Filter” should manage only the visibility of threads within subcategories in the parent category… :thinking:

For instance, in the Club category it’s better to hide all the subcategories threads (of course), but in the MBP (pvt) category I need to see all the threads, subcategories included.

In this case these settings are very useful

Is there a reason why there are only two subcategories in tourneys?
To be more specific: I would propose a free agent subcategory

hey! Momo suggested not doing that because it would be kind of weird to look via > tourneys > free agents > tournament XYZ and at the same time it’s a perfect example to show and encourage the use of tags. If you have one tag for each tournament you can find all topics about this instantly.
I don’t know if it’s feasible to explain this to everyone but I agree with momo that this order makes sense in a way

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this is a plugin that let’s you create interactive tables of contents in your topics if I got it right. was thinking abou it for an faq. of course you could just link to or host an external document with this feature or users could just use ctrl + f but still…you think it’s hard to use it?

Any way to make one of the Topics “videos” ? Maybe sub categories as tournament, highlight, cool tricks etc…

When a link is posted and I click on it, please make it open in a new tab by default!

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Yup. Will be taken care of

Hello welcome :slight_smile:
We have been talking about having a gallery as a category of it’s own but we kinda decided against it. Discourse doesn’t really offer any good features for it so we thought the best way forward would be to use tags. All topics containing videos or links to them should probably use a tag ‘video’…seems kind of hard to make that work but we should probably give it a try.
If that would be the case it becomes very easy to find anything using the advanced search function.
That beong said, a certain mr manners has created topics in the ‘training’ subcategory for full games and for highlights…


workd map : a lot of guys would like a world map with each polo club on it as a way to acces their details and stuff , lobp style

actual calendar : some built in calendar interface with events and dead lines , idk if this is the plug in talked about