Sooo, what exactly does mixed mean?

I’ve been having this discussion on a few different occasions lately and nobody really seemed to know. What is the exact definition of a mixed team? Is it
a) everything except for three cis dudes?
(Edit: “At least one FLINTA” defines the same thing but sounds better tbh)
b) a team that has at least one FLINTA and at least not-FLINTA aka cis dude?
c) a team where not everyone has the same gender, so all-FLINTA would be okay if the players are of different parts of the FLINTA acronym? (Edit: “There are at least two different gender identities in the team” defines the same thing but sounds better)

Personally I think it should either be a) or c), but let’s see what y’all have to say.

And a little example why it matters:
I (nonbinary) am looking for a team for a mixed tournament atm. I have a friend (woman) that I want to play with. We have someone in mind we could play with (another woman). Can we play like that? Are we mixed enough? Under definition a) and c), yes, in definition b), no…


I guess it is up to the tournament organizer to set up a clear definition - and for the community to critique it. The current way it is implemented at berlin:mixed, z.B., is c.

I just recently learned that the mixed in berlin:mixed originally didn’t have anything to do with gender, but with a mix of other sports that were happening at the same time or something, and that they were using co-ed instead.

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I guess you’re right about the organizers having to decide, but unfortunately I have rarely (if ever) seen a clear definition like this this in a tournament description. And I really do not want to ask for one every time, so either tournament organizers need to communicate this more clearly or we need agree on a general definition we can assume if not started otherwise…


To me personally, it always meant that the tournament is mixed and not each individual team, and that this is ensured by the responsibility of each team to have at least one person representing the FLINTA identities.

I guess it would be good to have a definition that is agreed upon in the community.

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For me it’s a) and c) (kind of the same)
Sometimes it is written as ,at least two different gender‘. I have the feeling that this is the common understanding (at least of those who don’t understand the term FLINTA as a synonym for women)

Here a former question on the topic

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