Swiss Champs 2024

Dear (swiss) polo community!

Bex Bike Polo and Polo Lausanne Sport are very happy to invite you to this years swiss champs.
The event will take place on the first weekend of June (1-2) at the amazing court at La Pontaise in Lausanne.
There will definitely be food, places to stay for the night and all the usual needs of a polo tournament.

So far, these are all the infos we can give you. Most important for now: Save the date!

As it is the swiss champs we’ll need the opinion of all of you concerning the format and special rules.
What do you think about…

  • 4v4 or 3v3? In our opinion, 4v4 seems to be the standart now for international/big tournaments.
  • 12 teams if 4v4, 16 teams if 3v3.
  • 3/4 (or 2/3 in case of 3v3) of the players of a team need to play regularly in a swiss club.
  • Mandatory mixed or not for swiss champs?
  • Does every swiss club get a number of slots for the tournament?

As there are no euros and worlds announced for this year yet, we are in no hurry to discuss the rules and conditions for qualification. But feel free to share your thoughts on this topic as well.

Is it ok for you to come to Lausanne? Or did any other club plan to be this year’s host?

We’d love to have you here <3


Cool, i think this could be discussed on with the swiss committee, big word i know but it’s a list of rep that was elected by their club to discuss thing like that (swiss champ bid, rules, etc).
Mario i’ve added you to the group.

But yeah for sure super hyped that Loz stepped up for this year ! <3 <3


The swiss committee boards are here :

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Zurich. Doesn’t really care if the format change. But we are also happy with the current system.
We believe that the current system give small clubs like (st gallen or Basel) a bigger impact on the decision taken and maybe that is good.

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relance ton sujet ici elena c’est censé être public maintenant :