Welcome to the Poloverse

Welcome to the Poloverse!

The première bike polo forum. Be nice.

This is still very much a work in progress, so please leave us your constructive feedback, your requests and questions here. Thanks!
Learn how to bset use it here

New to Bike Polo?

Check out our Rookie Corner for further infos and links! And don’t hesitate to ask questions, we’re always excited when new people find their way to us.

Some infos about Discourse


Discourse is a fairly popular platform and many of the answers to questions you might have are probably out there, try googling it, check meta.discourse.org or ask us here.


Discourse looks really great in a mobile browser and that’s how we recommend using it. You can set (personalized) browser notifications following these instructions. But there are also official iOS and Android apps, if that’s your thing. Here’s the links for Android and iOX.

Tournament Calendar

There is a calendar with all upcoming tournaments in the category Tournies. Each tournament has an associated event post (where you can rsvp) and a unique tag. You can find the calendar in the hamburger menu ( ☰ ) or by clicking here.

Direct Messages

On the top right you find your profile picture, click on it an then click the little envelope ( :email: ) (you might have to click twice), or you can click here. This will open a message menu or page where you can access direct messages. You can also create group-chats there.


Tags is the best way to find content and to help people find stuff too. Use them liberally.


If something is not working, or you have a feature request, post in the Site Feedback category.


In the hamburger menu ( ☰ ), you can toggle dark and light mode once you selected your colour scheme under user > preferences > interface.


On the forum, clubs are represented as so called user groups. You find a list of the groups in the hamburger menu ( ☰ ) or here.
If your club does not exist yet or you want to set up a subforum for your club (or your orga group or what ever secret topics you want to hide from the polo public), talk to an admin.


You can set up your profile via the menu at the top right of the page. Add a picture, location, some words about yourself, favourite bird species etc.


There’s a few things that require an admin to take care of. There is a list of admins you can find via groups in the hamburger menu ( ☰ ). Either direct message them, or tag them in a post.



@andy_h shouldn’t this be a banner again? Or is it still? don’t get it…could be kinda confusing if it’s just floating around in the ‘discussion’ category

Yes, I made a mistake. It’s now fixed