Hey- this is great! I know a lot of us miss th LOBP site & it’s nice to see a non FB polo specific forum-

I am quite sure that the idea of this is to be a worldwide platform and not only european.

@momo @flat_humour can confirm?
If true can you please correct the about section of the site to represent that?

Someone recently shared poloverse on a NA facebook group and it says “Bikepolo Forum Europe” in the preview.
Screenshot 2022-02-12 at 14.07.17

the plan was to start in Europe and once we’re established to think about a strategy for a global solution. but the admin team as well as the userbase have been struggling with the pandemic, so the timeline was not very smooth haha

but if you have great ideas on how to move forward and wo*manpower behind you we’re excited to go intercontinental for sure!


…and beyond