Hell's Belles 2024 Bern

Name: Hell’s Belles

Dates: Friday 5th of July 2024 until Saturday 6th

Location: Bern Fabrikgarten

Format: 3v3

Description: WTNB only

Registration is open, Lottery on March 21st

16 Flinta only teams,
5 swiss rounds on Friday, double elimination on Saturday

3 slots are reserved for the orga team
We will host you all!
Registration fee for the team : 90.- CHF

also as part of the flinta community, could you please fill in this questionnaire made by jojo bailat about mixed mandatory

which bikepolo do you want to play?

updated list.2

• OUR BALL - Ladina (Bern), Patos (Bern), Elena (Geneva)

• Send it - Clara (bern), Zita (zürich), Mischa (vienna)

• Group Poop - Mya (London), Conny (Vienna), Eliska (Prague)

• Cumbiancheras - Gabi (Berlin), Emilia (Lille), Anaïs (Rouen)

• Ruckus - Elodie (Strasbourg), Liz (Berlin), Johanna (Frankfurt)

• the power of tree - Lara (Geneva), Omayra (Vienna), Annick (Vienna)

• Long distance call - Nathalie (Geneva), Rachel (Boston), Dev (Alaska)

• Cheese Dreams - Kat (Birmingham), Kim (Berlin), Frieda (Berlin)

• ACABOOM - Céleste (Bordeaux), Anne-Lise (Bordeaux), Svenja (Halle)

• Pussy Whip - Ana (Vienna), Quimey (Barcelona), Livia (Milano)

• Flintouch - Ella (Lausanne), Maeva (Lausanne), Leonie (Bern)

• Jojololoritii - Laura (Rouen), Josephine (Genève), Rita (Berlin)

• watch me dance - manu osario (new york), julia (berlin), gitti la mar (berlin)

• Mullet Dolorosa - Allison (Berlin), Jules (Berlin), Christina (Berlin)

• no way in hell - Jovina (Vienna), Luce (Bern), Salomé (Züri)

• Thunderstruck - Tacha (Cardiff), Marika (Cardiff), Natalie (Sheffield)

Waiting List (in order)

• Yveta Parka - Petra (Gießen), Katy (Köln), Eva (Dresden)

• Hell’s Beauties - Lucía (Valencia (Spain)), Anne (Tours (France)), Anaïs (Montpellier (France))

• VIPER - Coralie (Lyon), Marie (Lyon), Margot (Lyon)

• Safety Third




Yes !

Can we Make it 4vs4 :slight_smile:


i personally don´t like the idea :slight_smile: to make it 4 vs 4.


Free agent :slight_smile:

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Hello, how many teams are going to play ?

Free agent… Happy ton create e team !


It will be 16 teams :slight_smile:


hiii! I am Lucía from valencia! we meet last year at dolorosa!
I would love to attempt coming to hells bells… Soooo I saw you are as a free agent and thoght… would you like to make team with me? :smiley:


Hello Lucía! I remember you :slight_smile: but we will have to do build a team next time, I already found it.
Good luck! :**

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hey i put up your questionnaire here on elena’s suggestion so more flinta players can see it, hope it’s ok


When the registration will be open?

Registration is open, link in first post


Nathalie, did you already find a team ? Would love to play with you !!

please fill in this survey!!!
which bikepolo do you wanna play?!

Yesss I did, thanks for asking

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Free agent ! <3

Hello! I would love to play in this! Finding a team to travel so far has not been an easy task. Free agent here. I :heart: BIKE POLO!

Hello Ladina !

I can’t wait for the results !! At what time will the lottery happen pleaaase ? :star_struck: :boom: :crazy_face:
This is too stressfull ! :dizzy_face:


The lottery will happen tomorrow (Friday) at 17:30. Thank you for your patience and best of luck with the draw!

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Join us on instagram for the draw very soon!